Distributer (Company name)

Grosse Japan K.K.

General Manager

Atsuko Noda


1-1-1 Aoyama Twin Tower Building West 8th Floor,
Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062

Telephone Number


E-mail address


Other Required Fees

- Delivery charge all over Japan 800 yen (Domestic shipping only)
- Cash on delivery charge 400 yen (Domestic shipping only)
- International shipping fee is 10,000yen.

Product delivery date

Shipping within 2-3 days from the date of order.

Payment Method

- Cash on Delivery
- Credit Card

Return of defective Item

- We will respond with customer service.
- Our customer service will contact you within 8days for domestic and 14days
for international.